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Q: Will you give me a bill for any repairs I may need?

A: No. We only do MOT tests in the centre so we won’t do any repairs on your vehicle; this ensures we can make the fairest decisions when testing your vehicle. You will not receive any repair bill from us; this gives you absolute control of getting a quote for any repair costs yourself. If you would like us to recommend some places to get quotes from just ask.

Q: I have lost my MOT certificate, can I have a duplicate?

A: Yes. As part of our MOT service, we offer our customers a duplicate MOT certificates with a small charge of £10. Please give us a call if you would like any more information or come in and see us.

Q: How much is an MOT?

A: Our MOTs are charged dependent on the type of vehicle. These are split into the classes as per below: - Any Car/Small Van – Class 4 - £50 - Large Van/Minibus/Horse Box – Class 7 - £55

Q: In the event of my car failing the MOT how long to I have to get it repaired & bring it back to you for a re-test?

A: 10 working days. If your vehicle fails the MOT test you have 10 working days to bring the vehicle back to have a complimentary retest.

Q: If my car fails the MOT do you charge a retest fee?

A: No. If you bring your vehicle back to us within 10 working days we will charge no fees for a retest.

Q: If my vehicle needs repairs would you be able to advise on what repairs/maintenance is needed?

A: Yes. If a vehicle fails, our MOT Nominated Testers will explain why these failures occurred in the clearest way possible to ensure you are aware of what repairs/maintenance is needed. Although we don't recommend any repair garages in particular, we will do our best to point you in the best direction to make your repairs easy for you.